Control your Nest Learning Thermostat using your Amazon Echo

Control your Nest Learning Thermostat using your Echo. By default the unit used will be whatever the thermostat is set to, but if you specify the unit you can temporary change it.

You can control your temperature and learn about your home without having to press any buttons.

Now you can make your home more comfortable, more conveniently than ever.

If you are running in heat-cool mode and don't specify which temperature to set, the one that is closest to the current temperature is the one that will be changed.

If you have multiple Nests you will get to pick which Nest you wish to control through your Amazon Echo by default when you connect your skill. You can change this at any time by saying.

You can also control any other thermostat in the same location by specifying its name for example.

If you have multiple locations in your Nest account you will only be able to access the thermostats in the same location. You are able to also tie this skill to a Nest location that does not have a thermostat, but in that case you are only able to control the away state.

To use this skill simply enable it and log into your Nest account to link your Nest accounts with your Amazon Echo account.

You can revoke the access to your Nest from your Amazon Echo at any time by using your Nest app on your smart phone. The access will also be automatically revoked after 3 months of inactivity.

How to activate

To link your thermostat to your Amazon Echo follow these steps.